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Who We Are For

We are going to be transparent with our funds from wine sales. We will recycle the cash and put it back into winemaking. However, we are not taking salary from this. The surplus value of our products will be used accordingly: to build a community that actually helps change the system. Though we do agree that there are a lot of injustices in the world that needs to be addressed, a lot of the charities and NGOs in our minds are bandaids rather than treating the cause. We think the best action (though it may be labeled as small and insignificant against such a immense power of capitalism) is to strengthen the communities we have in terms of rights, access, and recriprocity. A network could then be established within different communities and we can then start building our struggle in a way that can develop into a force.

We believe the majority of people domestically and internationally are exploited, which leads to class struggles, racism, environmental damages, corruption, abuse of art, and the impedement of human history realization. The people have voices to be heard and more importantly, realized. Our liberation is tied with your liberation. So we shall struggle together and break free together.


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