About the wines

What percentage of the wine is Syrah?

What percentage of the wine is new oak?

What percentage of the grapes were whole cluster?

How long was the wine aged in barrel for?
18 months.

What clones were the Syrah?
Clone 470 and Alban.

Was it native yeast or commercial yeast for fermentation?
Native yeast but native yeast in winery is Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Where are the grapes from?
For this vintage, the grapes were sourced from Peake Ranch, a beautiful vineyard situated in Santa Rita Hills of Santa Barbara county. Cool climate, very windy, and clay loam soils.

What were the extraction procedure like?
Pumpovers initially not so much for extraction but for aeration of wine to give enough oxygen for yeast to develop healthy cell walls.

We also commissioned a stainless steel apparatus to keep the “cap” of the fermentation submerged throughout.

About shipping

Where do you ship to?
We are currently shipping only within California.

About our community project.

How will I know how the money is being used?
There will be a transparency page on where the money is being spent and the reason behind them.

For the years 2023-2025, we will be focusing on getting underrepresented people in the region the opportunity to interview for wine harvest internships with wineries in the region and we will be subsidizing portion of their rent during this internship.